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A Sea Isle City Vacation In June

June is the first month during which there are regularly scheduled events such as the famous Skimmer Weekend which involves live entertainment, dance contests, antique autos and more. For a full list of events, check out this calendar of things to do.

June is also the first month of the year during which it is very difficult to find a vacation rental at the Jersey Shore, especially on weekends. Although vacationing at the Jersey Shore picks up in May, it really isn’t until Memorial Day weekend (the last weekend in May) that beach vacation rentals get consistently booked up.

For that reason, we strongly advise that if you are planning a vacation to Sea Isle City or any other Jersey Shore location from Memorial Day forward, you should reserve and pay for your rental lodging several months in advance. While June isn’t the busiest month of the year, it is the first official month of the summer beach season, and gets very crowded on weekends.

In Sea Isle City, there tend to still be rental openings during the weekdays of June. Plus the beaches tend to be less crowded. So we recommend considering a trip to Sea Isle during the weekdays if you are able. The great thing about the Colonnade Inn is that we are very flexible and don’t force you into staying a whole week like many beach house rentals do. In fact, during the summer, we only have a 3 night minimum stay. So instead of paying for a whole week, you are free to save a little money by staying as few as 3 days.

Sea Isle City Vacations in May

May is the month when things really start bustling in Sea Isle City as vacationers begin flocking to the shore. May is certainly not the busiest month of the summer, but it marks the start of a rental season that reaches maximum capacity in July and August.

The great thing about May is that the temperatures aren’t yet hot, but they are often warm enough (mid 70s) to lay out on the beach. Sea Isle City doesn’t get too crowded in May, especially on the weekdays. Weekends still haven’t peaked, but you will notice that businesses and restaurants start opening up for the summer season.

May is one of our favorite times at the Jersey Shore because it marks the official beginning of the summer season. But we also like May because the beaches aren’t crowded at all even though the weather is perfect. The main reason for the smaller crowds is that most kids are still in school. This changes in June when the pace really picks up.

In May it is not uncommon for us to see college professors from Rowan, Temple or St. Joe’s University, who have just gotten done grading their last exams and want to unwind. College students also like to come to the shore after a long semester’s worth of work.

And don’t forget that Memorial Day, the semi-official first day of Summer is at the end of May. But let us assure you that there will be no vacancies on Memorial Day so if you want to celebrate your Memorial Day in Sea Isle City,NJ , hurry up and book your room as soon as possible.

Sea Isle City, New Jersey is a great place to get away in the month of May. And the next time you are here, we’d love to have you stay at the Colonnade Inn – (psssssss….we have jacuzzis!)

Visiting the Jersey Shore in April

At the Jersey Shore, April is usually the first month when the temperatures are warm enough, and the weather good enough to spend an entire week out on the beach. The good news is that April is also a month when the beaches are still relatively empty.

If you’re into a peaceful but warm Jersey Shore vacation, April might be the month book your trip. It’s a great time to take long, uninterrupted walks on the beach, to fly a kite or to even take your dog out to run freely on the sand.

While most Jersey Shore towns like Sea Isle City consider May to be the first major beach vacation month because of Memorial Day and college students getting out of school, April can often provide you with idyllic San Diego like temperatures and climate.

So why not give April a try for your next Jersey Shore vacation. At the Colonnade Inn in Sea Isle City, we’re open year round, and would love to have you stay with us.

Visiting Sea Isle City, NJ in March

March is still considered “off-season” at Sea Isle City and the rest of the Jersey Shore, but you can be sure that things start to pick up as winter comes to an end.

Many South Jersey and Philadelphia residents enjoy spending their St. Patrick’s day weekend gathered together at the shore, visiting local pubs and bars, and just having a great time. Sea Isle has several bars that are open for St. Patty’s weekend and also features a 30 block St. Patrick’s day parade from 93rd to 63rd streets.

The following weekend, Sea Isle City has its annual Ocean Drive Marathon that normally brings in a decent size crowd. If you enjoy running or if you know someone who does, make sure to let them know about this great event.

Did you know that the Jersey Shore is one of the most popular Spring Break destinations in the North East? It’s true. Sea Isle City always sees an upsurge of visitors coinciding with the Spring Break schedule of many colleges and universities. Looking for a spring break location but don’t want to deal with the huge Florida crowds? Consider staying in Sea Isle City.

Visiting Sea Isle City in March can be a great way to celebrate the coming summer and to begin the thaw-out process from winter. The weather is typically in the mid-50s throughout March which is great weather for a nice long stroll along the beach.

No matter what your reason for visiting the Jersey Shore in March, the Colonnade Inn is open year round and offers affordable lodging in units ranging from 1-3 bedrooms, with great amenities like fireplaces and jacuzzis.

Vacationing with a Dog in Sea Isle City, NJ

If you are considering whether to bring your dog on the trip to Sea Isle City, it is important to be aware of a few things. The majority of rentals do not allow pets (including the Colonnade Inn), and it may be near impossible to find any that would permit your dog to stay with you. Furthermore, it is (officially) not permissible to take your dog on the beach.

On the positive side, the promenade is the perfect spot to walk your dog with lovely views of the ocean and no car ftraffic to worry about. Additionally, the island is covered with sidewalks, and you and your dog can admire the large homes of Sea Isle City. Plus, you will see plenty of other dog owners as you walk around.

But where can your dog stay while you are renting a place? Here are a few ideas. There are no dog boarding businesses on the island, but there are several options within a 20-minute drive. If you are determined to keep your dog close, it might be possible to do some advertising or networking to locate dog-loving residents on the island who you could pay to provide housing for your dog during your visit.

A Jacuzzi for your Jersey Shore Vacation?

Are you looking for a place to stay the Jersey Shore that provides Jacuzzis and Jacuzzi tubs? You should consider the Colonnade Inn in Sea Isle City, NJ. Many of the Colonnade’s 19 units feature Jacuzzis, perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

Many vacationers put “jacuzzi” at the top of their list of preferred amenities, but most places along the Jersey Shore don’t have them, or if they do have them, the cost per night is prohibitively expensive. The Colonnade Inn has beautiful units situated in a 19th century Victorian building, but is remarkably affordable. During the fall, winter and spring, rates start as low as $72/night.

So if you’re looking for an affordable weekend getaway at the Jersey Shore, complete with a jacuzzi experience, come see us at The Colonnade in Sea Isle City.

Polar Bear Plunge Weekend in Sea Isle City

Each year, Sea Isle City hosts thousands of people for Polar Bear Plunge weekend. Basically, the main attraction of the Polar Plunge is an event where a few thousand people watch a few hundred crazy people jump into the ice cold Atlantic Ocean. But that’s all that goes on. The Polar Bear Plunge is a weekend long event, with plenty of partying and fun. Several of the local bars open up just for this weekend. It truly is a great time.

If you’re looking for a place to stay during the Polar Plunge weekend, look no further than The Colonnade Inn. Unlike most locations in Sea Isle, we’re open year round and ready for your visit. Plus, we offer jacuzzi tubs, morning coffee and pastries and even a big screen HDTV in our lounge.

The Colonnade Inn Maid Service

Want to live in luxury on your next Jersey Shore vacation to Sea Isle City? The Colonnade Inn is the perfect place! We offer daily maid service which includes fresh linens, vacuuming, restocking of bathroom supplies and more. So every day when you come back to your room, it will be like new!

Most vacationers in Sea Isle City have to worry about the clean up process, especially on the last day. In fact, some people spend the entire last day of their vacation cleaning their house rental. By staying at the Colonnade Inn, you can avoid the hassle of vacuuming and cleaning all together, and instead enjoy your shore vacation the way its supposed to be spent (not cleaning!)

When Does the Sea Isle City Summer Season Begin?

Although large numbers of vacationers start returning as early as mid-April, most officially recognize Memorial Day weekend as the first weekend in the summer season.

Just like most locations at the Jersey Shore (and most swimming pools across the USA), Memorial Day is typically celebrated as the beginning of summer. As such, there are rarely any vacancies in Sea Isle on this weekend. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, weekends in Sea Isle are bustling. However, in June you can usually find lodging during the work week (unlike July and August which are the most busy months of the year).

To beat the crowds, you should consider coming in early to mid May. That’s the best time of year to get great beach weather without the large crowds, especially if you come during the week. Since most colleges and universities finish their semesters by the first week in May, it is not uncommon for college students and professors to celebrate by visiting the Jersey Shore in mid-May.

Colonnade Feature: The Large Wrap-Around Porch

The Colonnade Inn features a large wrap around porch with an ocean view and several pieces of outdoor furniture, spread out for privacy. The porch affords our guests the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the ocean breeze while reading a book.

The entire porch is covered by a roof, providing protection from both the sun and the elements and even allowing storm lovers a place to look out onto the ocean during a storm, which can be quite an exhilarating experience.

The Colonnade Inn is the only lodging in Sea Isle City to offer a large wrap around porch to its guests, so if you’re a vacationer who loves reading a book with an ocean breeze and an ocean view minus the sand, why not visit us on your next trip?