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Colonnade Room Profile: The Wedgewood


The Wedgewood is a Deluxe room on the second  floor.  It is decorated in a Victorian style and features a queen size bed, a small refrigerator,  and has a spacious bathroom. It sleeps up to 2 people. Guests staying in this room must find on street parking.

A stay at the Colonnade Inn includes the following amenities:

  • A wrap around porch on the front and side of the hotel
  • Central heat and air conditioning
  • Free WIFI
  • Cable TV
  • Elegant and Spacious Common Areas
  • Free coffee and tea each morning in season
  • Only street parking available with this room




Finding The Perfect Sea Isle City Vacation Rental

Different people have different needs. This holds especially true when looking for a vacation rental at the Jersey Shore, and especially in a town like Sea Isle City.

Sea Isle City is distinct from many other Jersey Shore locations like Wildwood, New Jersey in the sense that it doesn’t offer many hotel or motel rental options. In fact, there are only 3 options on the entire island for hotel lodging. Since some people prefer having daily maid service, and not having to clean up after they leave, hotel lodging is in big demand, but supply is very sparse. The three options in Sea Isle City that provide hotel-like lodging options are The Colonnade Inn, The Sea Isle Inn and the LaCosta Coast Motel.

LaCosta and The Sea Isle Inn are both your typical motel/hotel. For the most part, each room is the same and it feels like a hotel. On the other hand, the Colonnade Inn offers an antique Victorian experience, where each room is completely unique. Many rooms have a jacuzzi and fireplace.

The good news about hotel/motel rentals is that they provide the opportunity for nightly rentals as opposed to weekly rentals. So if you need more flexibility and don’t want to pay for a whole week, then these are the only 3 options you really have on the entire island of Sea Isle City.

The hotel/motel rental option is good for those who only need limited space. However, if you have more than 5 individuals who want to stay in the same unit, you’ll probably need to look for a beach house rental. Most beach house rentals require that you stay at least one week. Some units provide discounts if you stay multiple weeks because that eliminates a round of checking out and checking in. Seasonal rentals are also available, usually at significant discounts, though expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

One of the great things about Sea Isle City, NJ is that it is a long, but thin island. It has a long coastline, but very little depth. Because of this, you are never more than 4 blocks from the beach. While everyone desires beachfront property, in Sea Isle City, even if you are at the other side of the island, you are still within walking distance of the beach. This is a huge advantage over other shore towns.

If you are looking to save money, look for properties on Central Avenue or back. Central Ave is only 3 blocks from the beach, but most people aim to get rental units on either ocean front, Pleasure Avenue. or Landis. Central Ave provides the best bang for the buck.

If you are with a really large group of more than 10 people, you might want to consider renting both sides of a side by side duplex. This way you stay close together, but don’t have to be too crowded. Most properties, being single family homes, aren’t well suited for more than 10 people.

If your entire group is under 25 years of age, you may have trouble finding a rental. Many rental unit owners explicitly state that they will not accept anyone under this age. There are usually a few rental locations in Sea Isle City who are welcoming of responsible young people, so make sure to ask your real estate agent for suggestions.

If you are looking for a vacation rental that allows pets, you’re going to run into trouble. To put things bluntly, most owners do not want cats and dogs in their property. While there are a few locations that allow pets, you should be aware that you’ll pay a premium and normally get a downgrade. Most pet friendly properties are of a lesser quality and tend to be older. It might be worth your money and overall vacation experience to find a good doggy day care or neighbor to babysit your pet.

Vacationing with a Dog in Sea Isle City, NJ

If you are considering whether to bring your dog on the trip to Sea Isle City, it is important to be aware of a few things. The majority of rentals do not allow pets (including the Colonnade Inn), and it may be near impossible to find any that would permit your dog to stay with you. Furthermore, it is (officially) not permissible to take your dog on the beach.

On the positive side, the promenade is the perfect spot to walk your dog with lovely views of the ocean and no car ftraffic to worry about. Additionally, the island is covered with sidewalks, and you and your dog can admire the large homes of Sea Isle City. Plus, you will see plenty of other dog owners as you walk around.

But where can your dog stay while you are renting a place? Here are a few ideas. There are no dog boarding businesses on the island, but there are several options within a 20-minute drive. If you are determined to keep your dog close, it might be possible to do some advertising or networking to locate dog-loving residents on the island who you could pay to provide housing for your dog during your visit.

A Jacuzzi for your Jersey Shore Vacation?

Are you looking for a place to stay the Jersey Shore that provides Jacuzzis and Jacuzzi tubs? You should consider the Colonnade Inn in Sea Isle City, NJ. Many of the Colonnade’s 19 units feature Jacuzzis, perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

Many vacationers put “jacuzzi” at the top of their list of preferred amenities, but most places along the Jersey Shore don’t have them, or if they do have them, the cost per night is prohibitively expensive. The Colonnade Inn has beautiful units situated in a 19th century Victorian building, but is remarkably affordable. During the fall, winter and spring, rates start as low as $72/night.

So if you’re looking for an affordable weekend getaway at the Jersey Shore, complete with a jacuzzi experience, come see us at The Colonnade in Sea Isle City.

When Does the Sea Isle City Summer Season Begin?

Although large numbers of vacationers start returning as early as mid-April, most officially recognize Memorial Day weekend as the first weekend in the summer season.

Just like most locations at the Jersey Shore (and most swimming pools across the USA), Memorial Day is typically celebrated as the beginning of summer. As such, there are rarely any vacancies in Sea Isle on this weekend. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, weekends in Sea Isle are bustling. However, in June you can usually find lodging during the work week (unlike July and August which are the most busy months of the year).

To beat the crowds, you should consider coming in early to mid May. That’s the best time of year to get great beach weather without the large crowds, especially if you come during the week. Since most colleges and universities finish their semesters by the first week in May, it is not uncommon for college students and professors to celebrate by visiting the Jersey Shore in mid-May.

Affordable Lodging in Sea Isle City, NJ

The Colonnade Inn provides some of the lowest rental rates in Sea Isle. Starting as low as $72 per night, you’d be hard pressed to find anything cheaper on the island. But the good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality and elegance for low prices. The Colonnade is a beautiful Victorian style building with comfortable rooms and modern amenities (AC, Jacuzzi, etc.).

While there are other hotels/motels on the island that offer comparable rates, your experience at The Colonnade will be distinctive. From daily maid service to morning coffee and baked goods, the Colonnade can make your Sea Isle City vacation a real pleasure.

For affordable rates and flexible stays, choose The Colonnade for your next Sea Isle City Vacation.