History of The Colonnade Inn

The Colonnade Inn, Sea Isle CityThe Colonnade Inn was built around 1883 as a summer hotel in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. The Hotel was one of many that served the throngs of summer visitors from Philadelphia who flocked to Sea Isle City every summer to escape the heat of the city.

The Colonnade Inn is the last surviving hotel from that era. It is a Victorian masterpiece in the heart of Sea Isle City, NJ that has not only survived many coastal storms but also the wrecking ball of progress.

The Hotel was purchased in 1943 by the Dorsem family. The Dorsem’s ran the hotel until 1992 when it was purchased by Dr. Carolyn Crawford and converted into a bed and breakfast. In 2004, the Colonnade Inn was purchased by the Colonnade Investment Group, who lovingly restored the building to its former splendor.

Today the Colonnade is a glimpse into the past of not only Sea Isle City but of most shore towns of the Jersey Coast.