jersey shore beach pic

The Jersey Shore is widely considered the beach location of choice for people living in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. But more and more people are traveling from other states to visit the Jersey Shore. And we don’t blame them.

We’ve come up with a list of 10 really good reasons that you should consider the Jersey Shore for your next vacation.

1. One Hour Drive From 5 International Airports

The Jersey Shore is only an hour away from at least five International Airports covering the Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey regions. That means you can fly in from out of state and be laying on the beach in no time!

2. Lower Humidity Than Florida

Can’t stand the humidity in Florida? Either can we. While the Jersey Shore is not humidity free, it certainly beats Florida, and most days are very comfortable. Let the sun warm your skin without making you sweat like you’re in a rain forest.

3. Lots of Boardwalks and Promenades

The larger Jersey Shore towns like Ocean City and Sea Isle City have boardwalks or promenades. Whether you want to get a walk along the ocean or do some shopping, the Jersey Shore is quite literally the capital of the boardwalk experience.

4. Lots of Public Beaches With Lifeguards

The Jersey Shore not only features an unprecedented stretch of publicly accessible beaches, but many beaches are specifically designed for activities like boogie boarding, surfing, kayaking and Jet Skiing. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect beach to suit your needs. And best of all, most beaches have trained lifeguards to keep you safe.

5. Lots of Fun Non-Beach Activities

The Jersey Shore not only provides fun on the beach, but also great activities like roller coasters, water parks, amusement park rides, go-karts, miniature golf, and shopping.

6. The Cape May Zoo

Who wouldn’t have known that one of the best Zoos in New Jersey is actually in the heart of shore country? Though it’s a smaller zoo, it is also quite remarkable in quality. Well worth the trip if you’re in the Southern region of the Jersey Shore.

7. Great Water Adventures

Swimming and sun bathing not enough? Why not try parasailing, ocean kayaking, boating and many of the other water related activities available. In fact, many of the shore locations have inland waterways and bays that prove to be an alternative to the ocean.

8. A Large Variety of Environments

The Jersey Shore has everything from bustling crowds to small, quiet, peaceful towns. Whether you are looking for a happening night life or a wholesome family friendly vacation, the Jersey Shore has what you want. Small town charm, great shopping, family activities…it’s all here.

9. Proximity to Philly and New York City

When you visit the Jersey Shore, you can take a day off from the beach and actually make a day trip to Philadelphia or NYC. That’s right. They are both close enough for a short drive and offer all the amenities of a big city.

10. Shows and Casinos in Atlantic City

The Jersey Shore is home to the East Coast’s Las Vegas: Atlantic City. Whether you are looking to go to a show or play at the tables, Atlantic City has some of the world’s best casinos.