If you are considering whether to bring your dog on the trip to Sea Isle City, it is important to be aware of a few things. The majority of rentals do not allow pets (including the Colonnade Inn), and it may be near impossible to find any that would permit your dog to stay with you. Furthermore, it is (officially) not permissible to take your dog on the beach.

On the positive side, the promenade is the perfect spot to walk your dog with lovely views of the ocean and no car ftraffic to worry about. Additionally, the island is covered with sidewalks, and you and your dog can admire the large homes of Sea Isle City. Plus, you will see plenty of other dog owners as you walk around.

But where can your dog stay while you are renting a place? Here are a few ideas. There are no dog boarding businesses on the island, but there are several options within a 20-minute drive. If you are determined to keep your dog close, it might be possible to do some advertising or networking to locate dog-loving residents on the island who you could pay to provide housing for your dog during your visit.